part of the way through for me, it seems, is to create something every day. it needn’t be a masterpiece, or something never before created. it just needs to come from within and to be done with intention.

that would make a good mantra – intention. how much is lost, i wonder, to things done by accident, or by rote, without thinking?  when i used to drive to work, there were times when i didn’t even remember passing certain exits, or landmarks, because i was virtually on auto-pilot, my mind on something other than the road. i would miss the glorious garden of daffodils along the highway in the spring, or the first of the christmas lights on the big tree in front of the hospital in the winter. i drove through life without seeing it. the important thing was getting to my destination.

now that i’m in my waning years (which i hope are plentiful), i can see how foolish that was. not unusual, as many i talk to feel the same way, but definitely foolish. how good would it be to be born older (and wiser) and grow younger, so that we could use all of the wisdom we acquire. we would know not to let our minds wander, know not to take things for granted, know the importance of living with intention.


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