i’ve been thinking about the gap. heard colin beavan on dan harris’s 10% happier podcast today. he’s an interesting guy who wrote a book called “no impact man”, about his conscious decision to live as environmentally “friendly” as possible for a year. interesting stuff. what struck me the most in his conversation with harris was what he said about racism. he said that his zen school is 90% white. there were recently two teachers who rose to a new level of practice, and the others in the school ask them difficult questions as part of the ceremony. one of the teachers was caucasian. the other was a person of color. beavan’s question to the person of color was something like “what do you recommend we do to make our school more diverse and inclusive?” later, as he was thinking about that, it occurred to him that he automatically asked the person of color the question, as though it was up to him to come up with ideas. beavan wondered why he didn’t ask the caucasian teacher the question.

that made me think. why is it the responsibility of those who suffer from racial profiling to fix the problem? and because they are marginalized – be they people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender – they don’t have the political or social capital that is needed to make changes. their voices often go unheard. it seems to me we all need to band together to exact change. we need to use our white privilege to get the message out, march with those in need


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